Discover unrivaled medical competence for rectal disorders in Ludhiana, where a distinguished staff of proctologists specializes. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from piles, fistula, or fissures, Ludhiana’s medical landscape provides exceptional care that is tailored to individual needs.

People looking for the best piles doctor in Ludhiana look for a combination of experience, skill, and a patient-centered approach. Ludhiana has a pool of highly qualified proctologists who provide extremely effective therapy for piles. These doctors use the most recent medical advances to assist people with this common but distressing condition with effective and minimally intrusive solutions.

Understanding the symptoms is critical for getting fast and effective medical care. Being aware of these symptoms is critical for commencing discussions with the professionals in Ludhiana, which is known for housing some of the region’s most recognized Piles Surgeons. Let’s look at piles and fissures symptoms for both men and women:

Piles (Hemorrhoids) Symptoms in Males and Females:

Bleeding in the Rectal Area:

Rectal hemorrhage, commonly noticed as bright red blood during bowel movements, is one of the defining symptoms of piles.

Pain and Discomfort: 

Individuals suffering with piles may feel pain or discomfort during and after bowel motions. 

Irritation and itching:

Piles can cause itching and inflammation in the anal area, causing discomfort.

The Swelling of the Anus:

Individuals with piles frequently have swelling or lumps around the anus, which can be felt or viewed during self-examination.

Fissure Symptoms in Males and Females:

Sharp Pain Associated with Bowel Movements: During bowel motions, fissures are frequently linked with a severe, stabbing pain. This ache may last for a short time after passing stool.

Bleeding: Fissures, like piles, can produce bleeding, which is often visible as streaks of blood on the toilet paper after wiping.

Spasms in the anal cavity: Fissures can induce involuntary spasms in the anal muscles, which can cause discomfort and agony.

Tears or cracks that are visible: Fissures can be seen on examination as small tears or breaks in the anal canal lining.

Now that you’re aware of the symptoms, you should seek the advice of the Best Fistula Doctor in Ludhiana for an exact diagnosis and individualized therapy. Ludhiana is well-known for its top-tier medical specialists, including proctology experts. Seeking immediate medical guidance and treatment from the top piles surgeon in Ludhiana can make all the difference in properly treating and curing these disorders.

Piles and fissures are typical rectal disorders that can affect both men and women. Understanding the root cause of these illnesses is critical for successful prevention and management. Let’s look at the variables that lead to the formation of piles and fissures in both genders:

Pile (Hemorrhoids) Causes:

Bowel Movement Straining:

Consistent straining during bowel movements is one of the main causes of piles. Chronic constipation or diarrhea might cause this.

Chronic constipation:

It is caused by a lack of fiber in the diet, insufficient water consumption, and a sedentary lifestyle, and it is a substantial risk factor for the formation of piles.


Increased strain on the pelvic region is common in pregnant women, resulting to the formation or worsening of piles.


Excess body weight and obesity put strain on the rectal veins, increasing the chance of hemorrhoids forming.

Genetic Predisposition: 

The formation of piles may have a genetic component, and those with a family history of the ailment may be more susceptible.

Prolonged Sitting or Standing: 

Prolonged durations of sitting or standing, particularly in employment that require these positions, can lead to the development of piles.

Ludhiana provides a comprehensive approach to piles therapy, encompassing a range of therapies suited to the specific needs of each patient. Patients benefit from a variety of treatment options, whether they choose non-surgical techniques such as dietary changes, drugs, and lifestyle changes or more complex surgical procedures. Medical practitioners in the city place a premium on patient education, supporting informed decision-making and active patient participation in their treatment path.

You may overcome anorectal issues and regain your comfort in Ludhiana if you have this comprehensive guidance and a proactive approach. It is critical to recognize that you are not navigating this road alone; grasp control of your well-being and connect with us to get the best piles treatment in Ludhiana

Remember that early detection and action are critical to achieving the best results. If you or someone you know is suffering from piles or fissures, don’t hesitate to contact the Best Fistula Doctor in Ludhiana , who are known for their skill and dedication to patient well-being.

Piles Treatment in Ludhiana

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