Dr. Dinesh Kumar M.S

Dr. Dinesh Kumar M.S

Workshops And Seminars

  1. EX J.R (Junior Resident) In Institute of Medical Sciences ( IMS BHU VARANASI
  2. EX ASSISTANT PROFESSOR In Gour Bhrahman Ayurveda College And Hospital Brahmanwas Rohtak In Baba Mastnath Ayurveda College
  3. Ex consultant surgeon In joyline hospital(2017-2020) In Ayushman hospital (2019-21) Also in Om hospital (2018-2020) In Shri ram hospital sampla(2019-2020) In Moudgil hospital rohtak(as visiting surgeon) Ex consultant surgeon in brahmshakti hospital (2020)
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Specialized Expert

Qualified staff member and piles surgery specialist with over 20 years of experience. Helping over the require patient service in home.

Specialist Doctor

Top level high educated doctors our health clinic .

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Top level of services provide in our Clinic.

Latest Technology

Top Latest Technology level of services provide in our health care Clinic.

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